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We love receiving your messages, so please contact us through the form below! If you wanted to send us something to add to the site, please check out the contributions form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a minute to read these! You may find the answer here!

· When is there going to be a STEPS reunion?
As soon as we know, we'll be shouting about it!

· When is your next gig in the Phillipines?
Sorry, but STEPS no longer perform together as a group and no further gigs in the Phillipines, or anywhere else, are planned.

· I love one of STEPS' songs, could you send me an MP3 of it?
Unfortunately we can't. Why not buy their CDs or download their songs from iTunes instead?

· Where can I buy STEPS music or videos?
You can still find STEPS DVDS in some high street stores like Zavvi and HMV. You may also find them on online shopping sites like Amazon. Otherwise, Ebay often has a great deal of STEPS merchandise for sale - but always take care when shopping on Ebay. A lot of STEPS' songs and pop videos can be bought from iTunes.

· OMG Lisa I'm you're biggest fan do you remember the time we met in Nightingales...
Sorry, we can't pass on your messages to the members of the group. Why not visit their official message boards instead where you can leave them a message.

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